The Rumors of Success

February 09, 2015

Guess what, we launched Better Human overnight and are a raging success!! Ba. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

If we said that, we'd be lying to you. There were (and still are) late nights, early mornings, gallons of coffee, mass amounts of hours put in and this was just to get our website launched! Let's cut the crap and reveal the 3 Lies You'll Hear About Successful People  courtesy of out man, Jon Acuff: 

Lie 1: Success is easy.
When we talk about other people we always leave out the hard work they did to get there. We never see the early mornings and the late nights, especially in the age of the Internet. So many people are always telling me how easy passive income is. They describe the Internet as a faucet you turn on for cash. What I’ve learned though is that bad things are always easy, great things aren't.
You don’t get passive income without active work.
Lie 2: Success is fast.
If you want to build something that is going to last, you have to build a foundation. Piece by piece, action by action, you have to build it. The problem is that’s not sexy. So we post the final results of our years of hard work in a 5 second snapshot on Instagram. We see the book cover, but not the bleeding. We see the business opened, but not the boredom of paperwork. We see the goal reached, but not the grind invested. Fast success is often fake success. Take time to build things that matter.
Lie 3: Success always makes you tons of money.
It can. Success can lead to stacks on stacks on stacks. I hope it does for you, but don’t believe that it’s a foregone conclusion. I’ve had friends who launched Kickstarter campaigns and then were crushed that a tidal wave of money didn’t show up that next morning. I’ve had friends launch businesses and act surprised when Benjamins didn't parachute into their pocket that next day.


That might not have been what you wanted to hear. I know, we all want that short, sweet, easy button but don't worry, there's a solution to these lies. HARD WORK. Believe, dream, eat, sleep your ideas and goals and then WORK HARD to achieve them. Success wouldn't be so great if it didn't take work. 

How are you working towards your goals? 

Still need some help - keep following us and reading on how to be a Better Human - because it's a full time job. 

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