Find Your Inspiration!

February 07, 2015 1 Comment

How do you view your coworkers, peers, friends? Do they inspire you to be great or are they the competition that you must beat? Do you know all of their weaknesses and point out their mistakes? Jon Acuff recently wrote an article called Inspiration vs. Comparison, here are a few we wanted to point out:

  • Inspiration tells you anything is possible. Comparison tells you everything is impossible.
  • Inspiration drives you forward. Comparison pulls you backward.
  • Inspiration fills you up. Comparison empties you.
  • Inspiration tells you there’s still time to accomplish something amazing. Comparison tells you it’s too late.

Wouldn't you rather be inspired than to judge, be empty, feel that it's impossible? It's time to celebrate people... cheer for them, believe in them, WANT them to succeed. From there you will cultivate feelings that will lift you higher than ever!  

It's too easy to criticize people, but that's what we are here for. To help you take the hard road less traveled and to become a Better Human, it's much more joyful. Don't worry, you're already on the right path - keep going! Let's leave you with one more Jon Acuff quote:

"Inspiration is a gift. Comparison is a curse. And each day we get to choose which we’ll embrace."

P.S. Thanks for being our inspiration... we're right here cheering for you! 



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