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Better Human: It's a Full-Time Job by Ronda Conger - newly revised soft cover + FREE Leading Through Extraordinary Times

$ 15.99

For a LIMITED TIME, pre-order the re-launch of Better Human & receive a copy of Ronda's Leading Through Extraordinary Times book for FREE.

Learn the secrets behind becoming a better human. One thing that’s not a secret? Doing so is a full-time job. It takes discipline to become a better human in your own life. Better Human is not just a book; it’s a branded movement to help you excel at everything you do in life. Whether you’re an executive, employee or entrepreneur, Better Human gives you the knowledge and direction to adjust the very fabric of your life. Ronda Conger practices what she preaches by leading, inspiring and sharing what she has learned with others. Her book and the Better Human movement will show you the way. .

This book will be soft cover. Books due to ship out November 11th, 2020.