Let's get MORE done.

July 27, 2017

It's what everyone wants, to get more done in less time. Well, most people. But time is a limited resource that we must use wisely. We're going to take on the theme, run your day, don't let your day run you! 

Let's take some notes from Kathryn Minshew, CEO and co-founder of the career site, The Muse, on her 3 Tips for Maximizing Productivity:  

1. Figure out when you do your best work. Then protect it. Don't let distractions come into your precious hours of when you do your best work. Whether it's morning or late at night, find those hours and don't lose them.

2. Put up barriers. Remember how we protect our work hours? Set up barriers like headphones, booking conference rooms to work in, a sign that says, 'I'm getting sh*t done, come back in an hour.' Whatever it is you need to let others know to not bother you or to allow you to get in the zone.

3. Delegate like your life depends on it. It feels good to be the hero but are you tackling things that someone else on your team might be better at? Look at your list, then ask yourself or your boss if some of your items should move off your plate and onto others so that you can deeper focus on your top priorities. 

Let's get MORE done and run our days like a BOSS!

Here's to being successful and being your most productive self.

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