A Kindness Campaign that's dear to our hearts!

May 24, 2017

We recently heard a quote at Leadercast (blog and content coming soon) from Andy Stanley:

"Purpose is often found at the intersection of a broken heart, opportunity, and skill."

It seemed quite appropriate for this group of amazingly, talented women. Maybe a little less of the "broken heart" but more of a vision of what they want their children and the children around them to have. Better Human couldn't agree more with their mission and hold this campaign very dear to our hearts!

Meet the Three Squirrels and their story:

We are sisters - Carrie, Amy, and Stephanie - dedicated to sharing the potential that practicing courtesy and kind manners unlocks for every human being. We see an urgent need to keep manners relevant. Now more than ever, we want ALL littles to know the importance of treating others with kindness!

We designed a book -The Three Squirrels' Alphabet Book of Manners - to lead little readers through basic manners, one letter at a time; reinforcing the alphabet and common courtesies along the way. 


Here's where you come in.

The Three Squirrels need our help. They need our help to spread the word, join their kindness campaign and support their Kickstarter Fund. Backing their project will allow them to hit the press and ensure their kindness campaign reaches children near and far!

Are you in?

Click here to watch their video, pre-order a book and support their campaign.


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