Hustle, hustle, HUSTLE!

January 24, 2016

Do you ever find yourself sitting and watching a television series for hours on end?

You may have a case of binge watching. 

The word of the week - HUSTLE.

As we're still early in the new year, we may still be focusing on our new year's goals. But maybe, you're also focusing on catching up on your latest favorite TV series...

A common side effect of Netflix and DVR - binge watching. We don't deny it, Netflix is amazing! No commercials, so many options, what's not to like? But do the math here... say the episode is 45 minutes long, you sit and watch 2 - there went 1.5 hours out of your day.  

Jon Acuff really crushed it with this:

If you have time to binge watch TV, you have time to hustle. 

When our words betray our actions, we miss the simple truth about time:

1. You have more time than you think.
2. You make time for things that matter.

Time is funny that way. If we really want to find it, we usually can.

You don’t get to use both B words in your life. You can’t say you’re too busy and at the same time give in to the binge.

It’s one or the other.

Watch a show. Watch a thousand shows, just don’t tell me you’re too busy to hustle on your dreams.

There’s always enough time for the things we care about.

Instead of binge on the TV, why don't we binge on our dreams, goals, to-do lists, etc. Are you in? 

Let us know - we're here to help. 


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