November 15, 2015


A couple of the BHers and I recently attended Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within in Chicago.


Maybe you where there?


I say that because there were 8,000 people in attendance. Mind blowing. It lasted 4 days from sun up to way past sundown. This was nothing short of AMAZING.


The beginning was definitely my favorite part. He opened up the event by stating - "For all of you, who came to this event because you think I am an inspirational or motivational speaker - well you're fucked.  Because I'm not."


If you think Tony is just another feel good, pump your tires kind of guy - you are dead wrong. He is a mindset-altering, belief-changing, call-your-shit-show-on-the-rug kind of guy.  I took 50 hours of content and brought it to you below - my version of a cliff note...  A pretty one of course.


I love this. So much so, that I blew it up and put it in my office.  Then I sent a copy to my nephew.  He hung it on his wall and then had his company make me a custom pair of Play Full Out socks.  Man, I love him.  
Rumor has it that a good friend of mine gave his brother in law, Chuck Pagano of the Indianapolis Colts a copy of Play Full Out and he then gave it to his entire coaching staff.  Chuck, if you're reading this, thank you and Go Colts!
I leave you with some of my favorites...
Raise your standards.
I really hate fucking good.
Feed your mind.

Better Human starts today.  Let's go.
Ronda Conger

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