4 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

June 03, 2018

Have you heard the story about the guy who lost his six figure income job? His boss listed out the 50 reasons why he lost his job.

1. His attitude. 2. His attitude. 3. His attitude...... 50. His attitude.

Talk about a good leader. He said, at the end of the day you attitude is killing all of our productivity, it's killing our culture, it's killing me as a leader. 

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

Let's do a self assesment. 

1. How is your attitude?

You've always got to look at your attitude first. Am I being positive or am I being a "negative nancy" and killing the mood? Do people want to be around me or are they looking for every excuse to run and hide? How is your attitude? Your attitude speaks long before your mouth does. Check it and make sure it's in line. 

2. What are your actions?

Do your actions reflect what you're preaching? If you're saying "don't do this, don't do that" but then you proceed to do those, how can you expect someone else to follow? Everyone is watching your actions, ensure that they are congruent with your beliefs. 

3. How are my results?

Your results are the product of your attitude and actions. Are you growing? Are you providing a service to people? Are you doing the little things? If you're a sales person and looking for the raise or promotion yet you're not hitting your sales goals, do you deserve it? If your results are not what you want them to be, change your tactics. 

4. Am I being consistent?

Consistency can be difficult, even for the best. What are you focusing on? Is it to be a better leader or to lose 10 lbs. Maybe it's to start saving money. With all of these, if you eat healthy or workout for 1 week of the month are you going to lose weight? Maybe, but if the other 3 weeks are spent gorging, probably not. Be consistent with your attitude, actions, results and watch the compounding effect that will happen to you overtime. It's amazing.

BONUS: Manage your own damn self. 

Don't rely on others to the work for you. Lead yourself to success. Your boss or manager shouldn't have to tell you what to do everyday. Need some help to start, here are 13 ways to lead from where you are right now.

There are 4 plus a bonus, things to look at everyday and ask yourself. Write them down, keep it somewhere you'll see it all the time to constantly remind yourself. And remember, being a better human isn't being a perfect human. We all have quirks to work on, but it starts with you and it can start today. Let's go! 

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