Time to act!

April 12, 2015

It's time to act and take The (Almost) Impossible 7-Day Challenge.

What, you've never heard of the Almost Impossible 7-Day Challenge?! Okay - us neither until we read this awesome blog written by Anthony Meindl. Check it - do you think you're able to not complain for 7 days?  You're probably wondering what complaining has to do with anything but listen - are you expressing your feelings of distaste about a circumstance that you can alter or one that you can't? If you can't, accept it.

If you can alter the situation - ACT on it! It's our first reaction to complain but we challenge you to find the solution to the problem. You don't have time to work out, MAKE TIME. You don't have the money to buy a new car, create a budget and save. The solution is there - you just have look.

It may be hard to tell yourself that there is an answer to the problem or that we must accept the issue. It's against our human minds to change something we've been doing for so long. However, if we can overcome these obstacles you'll find that we can change 100% of our problems. 

This is where the challenge comes in - try not complaining for 7 days. If a complaint comes out, start back at day 1. Aren't you interested to see how your life will change? We are - tell us how it goes! 

Remember that you can start being a Better Human any day, so why not start now? We've got easy ways to get you started! Just takes you to ACT on them! 

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