You don't have to be perfect.

March 13, 2016

"You don't have to be perfect. Pretty happy is pretty great."
- Kate Hudson, Pretty Happy

This book recently fell into our possession:

We're LOVING it! 

Not only is it beautiful, but it's interactive. You'll find a Mindfulness Questionnaire, Drawing Board for Gratefulness, your own daily planner and so much more. 

Even the twins were excited to get it...

What we love most is that it's not the starve yourself and live at the gym theme.

It's about loving your body. Not killing it. Not starving it. Not scrutinizing it. But LOVING it.

Finding what works best for you and building your inner strength. Ridding yourself of toxins, meditating more, going outside, and being alive.  

Pick it up if you haven't because it's pretty awesome.

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